Microerosion EDM Wire by Gisco Equipment Inc. - New York's EDM Supplier Since 1974 .

Fine & Microerosion wires are used when the very highest level of precision is required.

The fine EDM wires of the Bedra Microcut© family combine the highest tensile strength with the tightest tolerances - evenat diameters smaller than a human hair.

Our Most Popular Microerosion EDM Wires:

Bedra Microcut©

Core Material Tensile Strength Coating Material Elongation Color
Microcut© Steel, Cu Treated 2000 Mpa; 290,000 PSI CuZn50, Ag 1% Gold
Microcut© CCA Zn Treated 1000 Mpa; 145,000 PSI CuZn50, Ag 1% Grey
Microcut© BR Brass 1000 Mpa; 145,000 PSI - 1% Gold

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